Sun Bancorp Inc.'s chief executive says he is not deterred from using social media – even after his Twitter account was hijacked to promote work-at-home schemes.

"If you want to be a communicator, [social media is] a necessary avenue and you have to take the good and bad that comes with it," Thomas X. Geisel, CEO of the Vineland, N.J., company, told the Philadelphia Business Journal for a Thursday article. "So I would still choose to be out there."

The problem began when Geisel clicked on a link he was sent in a private message from someone he follows on Twitter, the article said. The link caused his own account to send a message to his followers promising that they could earn $3,000 to $8,000 a week working from home. If his followers click the link in that message, it would be sent to all of their followers as well.

On Wednesday, he tweeted: "To my followers, disregard recent Tweets … claiming to be me. My account has been hacked. Sorry for the [inconvenience]. Life in technology."

Geisel told the Philadelphia Business Journal that he is working with the bank's tech support team to investigate the incident further.