It seems unlikely that the head of a bank under such heavy government pressure would have much to say to public audiences, but Vikram Pandit hasn’t exactly been keeping his lips zipped. The Citigroup, inc. chief executive has been hop-scotching the globe this year, delivering a lecture at the London School of Economics, participating in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in Russia, and traveling on business to Singapore. Next month, Pandit will face an audience right in his company's own backyard.

Pandit is scheduled to join BusinessWeek Editor-in-Chief Stephen Adler on stage Sept. 17 at the 92nd Street Y, as part of the famed New York forum's "Captains of Industry" lecture series. Expect Pandit to broadly discuss the changes in the financial industry since the collapse of Lehman Brothers a year ago.

The 92and Street Y’s “Captains of Industry” organizers aren’t known for letting the dust settle around their guests before they appear in the series. Last Decemner, former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson took the stage to talk about the regulation of systemically important firms and a possible orderly bankruptcy for struggling U.S. automakers. Hot stuff.

Ticket information is available here. And yes, that's the same 92nd Street Y where former Citi boss Sanford Weill once tried to pull strings to help a former employee, telecom analyst Jack Grubman, get his children admitted to the center's highly regarded preschool.