"It's clear the Roundtable's new chief executive plans on sticking around; this isn't a pit stop in his political career," writes American Banker's Editor-at-Large Barbara Rehm.

The pick of Tim Pawlenty as CEO of the Financial Services Roundtable may have been a surprise to most. Pawlenty, who co-chaired Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, was announced as the top choice by the Roundtable only weeks before the election.

Pawlenty says of his new position, it is "a unique and transformative career opportunity," one that he planned to pursue for "five or 10 or 15 years."

The fact that insurers and bankers are on opposite sides of policy issues does not faze Pawlenty, who believes the Roundtable's strength is its diversity and their ability to unite members over these broad issues.

Pawlenty is interested on Dodd-Frank implementation and legislative attempts to temper the law, however he does not believe change will come quickly.

For the full piece see "Roundtable's Pawlenty: A Blunt Boss Set for Long Haul" (may require subscription).