Slideshow 5 Innovative Ideas for Mobile Banking Log-Ins

  • December 12 2013, 8:00am EST
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Birthdays. Pet names. No matter how often banks preach the importance of online security, some consumers still insist on using passwords that are as easy to hack as they are to remember. With mobile apps, fraud risk is often accompanied by frustration among users who are forever fat-fingering data on tiny alpha-numeric keyboards. Following are five ways that banks are aiming to make the mobile log-in experience safer and more user-friendly.

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Swiping in at Capital One

Capital One (COF) has debuted a technology that will soon allow users to unlock its mobile app by tracing a pattern. SureSwipe, aimed at easing the mobile banking login process, also remembers the customer's user name.

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Bank of the West's Pre-Login Balance Check

Bank of the West enables customers to sign in with a PIN - rather than an alphanumeric password. Its app also allows users to check account balances without logging in.

Four-Digit PIN at Frost Bank

Customers at Frost Bank can access mobile banking apps with a four-digit PIN. The bank says the authentication process is more secure than the typical one using a password because it requires two forms of verification: the physical phone and the PIN.

Face, Voice Recognition at ING Direct Canada

ING Direct Canada has been running authentication pilots of voice and facial recognition biometrics with smartphones. It already allows users to check account balances without logging in.

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Bionym's Heartbeat-Based Authentication

This young Canadian company is readying a technology with which users would unlock mobile banking apps by touching a wristband with their fingers. Developers of the wristbands are seeking to disrupt the authentication business with their technology, which monitors electrocardiographic data that is unique to each individual.