Slideshow 6 Top Fintech Startups and VCs Who Love Them

  • April 24 2013, 8:00am EDT
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BTN editors scoured their notebooks and identified six financial technology startups with strong products that are acquiring funding and, we think, will soon acquire more customers and bank partnerships.

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Startup: Narrative Science

Headquarters: Chicago

What it does: The company has developed an artificial intelligence engine, Quill, that turns numbers into stories. It's being used by Forbes to automatically generate earnings reports and by Personal Capital to create mini-reports on customers' personal finances. Banks could use the software to automate compliance and other reports.

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Startup: BillGuard

Headquarters: New York

What it does: The company's software analyzes card transaction data in combination with complaints reported by consumers and merchants to detect erroneous charges. Banks could incorporate the software into online and mobile banking apps.

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Startup: Planwise

Headquarters: San Francisco

What it does: Develops financial modeling products for consumers. By-mid year, its app will include a feature that lets users link in their bank accounts.

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Startup: On Deck

Headquarters: New York

What it does: Uses Big Data to make loans to small businesses. It competes with banks and alternative online lenders such as Kabbage.

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Startup: Pageonce

Headquarters: Palo Alto

What it does: Creates personal finance software that lets users pay people and bills. It's attracted eight million U.S. users already.

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Startup: Nok Nok Labs

Headquarters: Palo Alto

What it does: Builds security software based on a new protocol created by the FIDO Alliance, which Google joined this week (PayPal and Lenovo are already members). Ultimate goal: better, stronger authentication using biometrics and other technologies.

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