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  • March 30 2012, 1:18pm EDT
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On simplifying the Volcker Rule

"The Volcker rules as proposed would create a world of lawyer-driven gamesmanship where each bank attempts to skate as close to the line of permissibility as it can." (Image: Bloomberg News)

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On Citibank opting to celebrate its bicentennial in Dallas instead of New York

"When the going gets tough -- Citi's current management opts to go out of town." (Image: ThinkStock)

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On Sen. Richard Durbin's bid to make student loans dischargable in bankruptcy

"There are plenty of students out there who over borrow to buy cars, go on vacation, and spend lavishly." (Image: ThinkStock)

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On too-big-to-fail institutions

"Should another financial crisis develop, the then-administration will do whatever it must to rescue [systemically important financial institutions] in distress, lest the entire system come crashing down, with effects that would dwarf the recent crisis." (Image: ThinkStock)

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On Bernanke's lecture series at George Washington University

The Professor's self-congratulatory remarks about the bailout sound eerily like Al Gore taking credit for inventing the internet. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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On improving auditor independence

"Rotating the outside auditors is essential, and the Audit Committee should shoulder that responsibility." (Image: ThinkStock)

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On the rest of the world following the U.S.'s regulatory lead

"Let me get this straight. We led the world into this mess and now we can't fix it because the rest of the world won't pass half fixes to problems that they don't have." (Image: ThinkStock)

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On passbook savings accounts

"I opened my first savings account way back in the early 1960s with a passbook from South Boston Savings. I deposited $5.00 I have never again felt as wealthy as I did at that moment :)" (Image: ThinkStock)

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On the people behind 'distressed assets'

"The great irony is that depersonalizing finance doesn't produce the best origination or collection outcomes." (Image: ThinkStock)

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On the potential demise of small banks

"The problem is not the lack of willing. The restrictions that the FDIC has put forth are a defacto, moratorium on new charters."

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On Banker Bracketology and who should run the economy

"How about running Dave Ramsey, the motivational speaker who is all about eliminating debt?"

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