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  • April 05 2012, 11:52am EDT

On Banks' Willingness to lend to Small Businesses

If the fundamentals of the business loan are sound, most (I dare say all) healthy banks will bend over backwards to book an asset earning 4% or more vs. keeping funds at the Federal Reserve earning 0.25%.

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On Collections Abuses

Most people are frightened of lawyers and the potential expense and simply do not know how to find one. As a result they try to handle these collection efforts (mortgage and credit cards) on their own. Too bad.

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On Collections Abuses

If every consumer who is victimized filed [a suit], forcing regulators to act, then and only then would these institutions stop acting with impunity.

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On Banks' Incentives to Curb Debit Fraud

Pin debit, ecommerce, and signature debit transactions all have different risks, so why are the fees the same?

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On Forestalling Foreclosures

There may be some investors/note holders who are greedheads just as there are some borrowers gaming the system but in general the foreclosure crisis is not [a] one way street.

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On Simplifying the Volcker Rule

If you want to do the trade, place it in the banking book. Why the angst? Leave the trading to the hedge funds and get back to the core business

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On Simplifying the Volcker Rule

It's time for the president and Congress to admit that it was a mistake to adopt the Volcker Rule as law. There's been lots of talk recently about delaying its implementation. Why not just get rid of it?

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