Democratic infighting over a bill to curb the reach of the Dodd-Frank Act dominated discussion this past week, but Amazon still made waves in its disruptor role. Also: Our 'Best Fintechs to Work For' debuted.
Mark Warner
As Senate nears big vote, Dodd-Frank shows its staying power
The Senate is poised to pass the most substantial bank regulatory relief since the crisis, but any disruption of the post-crisis regime is still eclipsed by how much the bill enshrines Dodd-Frank.

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Survey of bank customers on their interest in free checking from Amazon
Five takeaways from Amazon's flirtation with checking
News that Amazon is courting banks to help it offer its own branded checking account raises major questions about which banks could be helped or hurt, who would control the relationship and how Amazon's partner(s) would make money.

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How would regulators react to Amazon-JPM checking partnership?
The negotiations between Amazon and big banks like JPMorgan Chase and Capital One to offer a checking-account-like product pose significant questions for regulators about the e-commerce giant pushing further into the banking space.

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Natalie Bartholomew
How a millennial blogger is shaping dialogue on women in banking
Natalie Bartholomew, a banker in Oklahoma, has launched a blog designed to promote women's issues and tout her peers' accomplishments.

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The employees at nCino love, love, love the water.
How fintech firms get peak performance from employees
The fintech industry has some cool workplace quirks, but behind the fun factor is a serious mission to build an enthusiastic, satisfied workforce.

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U.S. market share for bank core systems vendors
Small-bank contract negotiators expand from core systems to fintech
The Golden Contract Coalition, formed in mid-2016 to get community banks better deals with the "big three" core systems vendors, said banks need help with buying from fintech sellers as well.

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Mick Mulvaney
Mulvaney's idea for curbing CFPB's clout: Hand it to other agencies
The Dodd-Frank Act consolidated massive authority under the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, but acting Director Mick Mulvaney wants the bureau to take a back seat to states and other federal regulators.

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Dear Congress: Reg relief bill is a giveaway for large banks
The Senate legislation would weaken scrutiny of large financial institutions, undercutting Dodd-Frank's mission to provide tailored oversight across the system.

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Community banks like mine sorely need regulatory relief
A New Hampshire bank CEO argues that the reform bill awaiting a vote in the Senate will free up community banks to focus more on their customers and less on compliance.

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Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, chair of the Senate Banking Committee
Crapo bill is right to help less risky regional banks
The legislation up for debate in the Senate reduces regulatory burdens for midsize financial institutions, a good step forward in amending the Dodd-Frank Act.

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