Slideshow FHA Goes Back to the Future, Cyberattacks and M&A Skepticism: The Week in Quotes

  • April 09 2013, 8:29am EDT
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The most notable quotes from American Banker stories of the previous week. Readers are encouraged to add their own observations in the Comments fields at the bottom of each slide.

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On reports that the Federal Housing Administration is working on a plan to encourage banks to lend to people with poor credit histories:

"It's like we're back in 2003 and no one has learned anything."

- Mark Calabria, director of financial regulation studies, Cato Institute

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Arguing that regional banks have managed regulatory pressures better than large banks:

"No one is talking about breaking us up."

- Kevin Kabat, chief executive of Fifth Third Bancorp (FITB)

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On whether the government would still bail out a large bank:

"I don't think anybody can be assured of that right now."

- Daniel Tarullo, Federal Reserve Board governor

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On why he's skeptical about the proposed merger between Provident New York Bancorp (PBNY) and Sterling Bancorp (STL):

"From a strategic standpoint, it is a home run. But financially, I'm a little hesitant to embrace the projections that are out there."

- Joseph Fenech, an analyst at Sandler O'Neill

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On why retail market share is no longer key to banks' bottom lines:

"The truth is, banks...can essentially be doing terribly in terms of the marketplace while improving their profitability."

- Joe Hagan, senior vice president at research firm TNS

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On the five-year prison sentence given to a former executive at the Appalachian Community Bank in Georgia, which failed in 2010:

"This bank was robbed from the inside, not by a bandit carrying a gun, but a bank officer carrying a pen."

- Sally Yates, U.S. attorney

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On the cyberattacks that have waylaid more than a dozen banks' websites since late last year:

"The attackers obviously have someone who's put a lot of money into infrastructure and these guys have the capability to launch attacks like the world has never seen before."

- Dave Ostertag, a global investigation manager with Verizon

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On Regions Bank's decision to charge for mobile remote deposit:

"We don't think cost will be a major tipping point for the vast majority of consumers."

- Scott Peters, Regions Bank's head of consumer services

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On Green Dot's (GDOT) decision to let customers pay what they want for its new mobile bank account:

"Why did the Cadillac have fins? It didn't help with the aerodynamics. It didn't have any mechanics. The answer is: because it looked cool."

- Steven Streit, Green Dot's founder and chief executive

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