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Which bankers are boldface names in your city? You know the type: chairs the local Chamber of Commerce, raises big money for cultural institutions, knows everyone down at the country club and can greet a room full of customers by name. Of course having a sizeable donations budget can help buy connections, but maintaining a high level of community engagement and balancing it all with a day job at a bank comes down to skill.

We've profiled six bankers who raise this aspect of their work to an art form. They are from different institutions in different parts of the country, and each has a different story. One is a third-generation banker who has known many of her community's leaders since childhood. Another is an immigrant who began in banking as a teller, and whose commitment to volunteerism flourished along with his career. Some balance their activities with quiet alone time; others are social butterflies to the core. They are business leaders, civic boosters and ambassadors for their institutions. Here are the stories of how they became the best-known bankers in town.