Readers react to Wells Fargo’s CEO slamming the media, weigh in on regulatory relief, opine on gambling and payments and more.
Tim Sloan, chief executive officer and president of Wells Fargo, arrives to testify before a Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee hearing in Washington.
On Tim Sloan, Wells Fargo’s CEO, claiming many of the negative headlines that have been written about the bank aren't true:
“Fake news? Is that anything like fictitious credit card accounts?” (via Twitter)

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Wells Fargo sign
Another reader reacts to Sloan dissing media reports during the bank’s annual investor day:
“He just doesn't get it. Talk about inside-the-castle group-think..."

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NCUA Chairman Mark McWatters
On fresh scrutiny of J. Mark McWatters, a credit union regulator, ahead of his potential nomination to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:
"A federal judge just ruled that McWatters pushed a rule that was manifestly contrary to federal law. McWatters is a Republican version of Cordray. The ruling was every bit as damning as PHH. Nominate someone like Mulvaney who will follow the letter of the law!!!!"

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Balancing concept
On the danger of community banks getting too much regulatory relief:
“Community banks did not deserve the draconian regulatory regimen put in by Dodd Frank nor was it contemplated that that law would have such a perverse effect on community banks. The only thing we ‘deserve’ is to let us serve our customers without so much red tape...restoring some sense of normalcy to what we do for our communities.”

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On Tony Reardon, president of the union representing employees at the CFPB, saying the agency should not refuse to “use the revenue it is entitled to use in order to force a downsizing”:
“‘Entitled to use funding’ to continue its bloated, inefficient and largely redundant mission?? Seriously? How about instead an agency which seeks to regulate ONLY that which is not being effectively regulated by other agencies today. That would be completely acceptable to bankers and a good use of taxpayer dollars.”

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On the banking implications of a recent Supreme Court decision on sports betting:
“I can see it now....the Protect Credit Card Gamblers from Themselves Act. Mr. X, we've noticed you haven't won a wager in sometime and you're bumping up against your credit limit. Per our terms & conditions, because you've lost five wagers in a row, we're terminating your credit line. Have a nice day.”

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Acting CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney
On acting CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney saying he will take another look at the Qualified Mortgage rule:
"It’s just a fact that commercial bank portfolio loans did not cause the finanacial crisis or even add to it. These portfolio loans performed consistent with many prior recessions. The ability to repay rules only prevents banks from making mortgage loans to its deserving customers—-no one wins in this rule—-get rid of it for portfolio loans backed by bank capital and rewrite for others."

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Another reader weighs in on CFPB's plans to review the QM rule:
"I agree that many parts of CFPB were not unlike a yelp review for financial firms and they took credit for Wells when it wasn't their investigation that uncovered problems, however, the pendulum had swung too far toward easy credit in mortgages and ability to repay is an important protection for citizens in a country that scores so low in basic math and it's just the right thing to do."

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Central knot
On a new data-sharing framework that affects all fintech companies and banks:
"Agreed — THE central issue in the 21st century financial services ecosystem" (via Twitter).

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