Slideshow 'This Is a Generational Opportunity': Week's Best Quotes

  • November 06 2013, 10:50am EST
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The most notable quotes from American Banker stories of the previous week. Readers are encouraged to add their own observations in the Comments fields at the bottom of each slide.

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Arguing that federal bank regulations put smaller lenders at a disadvantage:

"We fight a constant undercurrent of those who would like to see a single financial regulator and an industry of just a handful of banks."

— John Ryan, CEO of the Conference of State Bank Supervisors

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On Samuel L. Jackson's use of the word 'damn' in a new commercial for Capital One (COF):

"Profanity has no place anywhere, really."

— Monica Cole, executive director of conservative media watchdog One Million Moms

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Kevin Lynch, CEO of Oritani Financial (ORIT) in Washington Township, N.J., on why he is unconcerned about a possible decline in prepayment fee income from refinanced mortgages:

"I'd rather keep the loans."

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On the merger agreement between Heritage Oaks Bancorp (HEOP) and Mission Community Bancorp (MISN), two community banks in central California:

"If we didn't buy them, someone else possibly would have."

— Simone Lagomarsino, CEO of Heritage Oaks

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On HomeStreet Bank's decision to expand its mortgage business as other banks are pulling back:

"It's not a 'Field of Dreams' strategy of 'Open it and they will come.' This is a generational opportunity to hire competent and quality lenders."

— Mark Mason, CEO of HomeStreet

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On a new survey showing that bankers are increasingly optimistic about completing M&A deals in the next year:

"We are all figuring out how to do business despite the dysfunction of Washington."

— Emmett Daly, a principal in investment banking at Sandler O'Neill

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On why F.N.B. Corp. (FNB) in Hermitage, Pa., which recently announced a capital raise, may be thinking of entering the M&A market:

"There is pressure to strike while the iron's hot… [T[he strategy hinges on their ability to trade at a price multiple north of two times."

— Jason O'Donnell, an analyst at Merion Capital

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Matthew Converse, chief executive of Sevier County Bank on how the Securities and Exchange Commission's decision to lift a ban on advertising private placements could benefit his small, rural bank:

"Having the ability to market our wares to a broader base of investors, when we have a story to tell, would be huge."

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On the declining use of a toll-free credit-counseling service that the CARD Act required lenders to offer troubled borrowers:

"I did expect that more consumers would use that number. Frankly I would have thought this was exactly what the American consumer was after."

— Gail Cunningham, vice president of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling

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