Choose the company you work for carefully: Huntington's Mary Navarro

People tend to put a lot of thought into what job to take, but it is even more important to choose carefully when deciding which company to work for, Mary Navarro said when accepting a Lifetime Achievement award at the Most Powerful Women in Banking awards dinner this year.

The job is less important, because you will have a lot of jobs in your career. To make an impact in whatever job you have, the key is to be at a company that is a good cultural fit for your personality, said Navarro, who recently retired from her role as the retail and business banking director at the $100 billion-asset Huntington Bancshares in Columbus, Ohio.

In a speech sprinkled with career advice. Navarro also talked about strategies for team-building.

Navarro has worked in the banking industry for 42 years and has been on our Most Powerful Women in Banking list many times.

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NAVARRO: Chose the company you want to work for carefully. You really want to work for a company where you really match with the company’s culture, and where you can really thrive and make a difference for that company. And you can be more successful there, and consequently the company will be more successful. It is much more important than picking the exact right job that you want to do, because whatever company you chose, you’re going to have lots of jobs. So, pick your company carefully and make sure you have a good fit.