From 'How can we help?' to 'Here's what we can do'

Is this what regulators had in mind with KYC?

The data strategy at Citizens Bank takes “know your customer” to another level, as Beth Johnson, chief marketing officer and head of virtual channels, explains in this video.

Using what it calls a “data intelligence center,” Citizens arms the customer service representatives in its contact centers with information about callers, with the goal being to facilitate an offer tailored to that individual.

“We see that our contact center reps that offer the best advice actually get the highest net-promoter scores,” Johnson says. “That’s been very effective for us.”

Johnson is on our list of Women to Watch this year, and you can read more about why here. (She also selected one of her mentees, Christina Hamlin, who is helping shape the marketing strategy at Citizens, as someone she believes is likely to become one of the Most Powerful Women in the future.)

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