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Compliance, Security and Mobile Top Bank's Tech Spending List

Banks are expected to spend more on technology in the coming year, with the cash earmarked for things like upgrading mobile apps and adding self-service tech in branches.

» Partnerships

Will Today's Fintech Alliances Become Tomorrow's Acquisitions?
by Bryan Yurcan

The once-icy relationship between banks and fintechs thawed quite a bit in the last year. The next step might be for banks to start buying startups.

» Companies to Watch

These Startups Bridge the Digital Divide
by Tanaya Macheel

Our FinTech Forward Companies to Watch are helping banks step up their game by offering virtual assistance, better money management tools and other solutions.

» Investment Cycle

Where Fintech VCs Will Place Their Bets in 2017
by Penny Crosman

Funding of startups will cool overall, but venture capitalists anticipate growth in new areas of financial services that are ripe for innovation, including wealth management, insurance and back-office operations.

» Regulatory Front

When Will Fintech Regulation Grow Up?
by Lalita Clozel

For regulators to develop a unified framework for fintech companies to operate in, they first have to come to a consensus.

» Major League

Startup Strategies to Navigate the Big-Bank Labyrinth
by Mary Wisniewski

It's hard to sell a big bank something regardless of the tech company's size. But for early-stage startups with only a handful of employees and a product still under development, the challenge is far greater than for seasoned tech vendors.

» Perspectives

Tech, Love and Understanding

There were bound to be growing pains in the friendship between banks and fintech. Bankers plugged into the world of innovation give their advice on overcoming the challenges.

» Behind the Rankings

What It Takes to Stay on Top in Fintech
by Terri Cable

Companies climbing the FinTech Forward ladder lead on issues banks care about most including mobile, omnichannel and big data.

2016 Fintech Rankings

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