The Best Credit Unions to Work For with assets from $500M - $1B

Whether it's health perks such as boosting cancer awareness or free flu shots, childcare and elder care benefits or assistance with absentee voting, these credit unions know how to take care of their employees.

This year 10 institutions with assets from $500 million to $1 billion made the Best Credit Unions to Work For list. Overall, there are 50 credit unions in the ranking.

These credit unions distinguished themselves by finding innovative ways to make work enjoyable, keeping staffers' family members involved in the organization and promoting community service.

Here are some highlights of the 10 credit unions on this year's list that fall into this asset category.

Note: The asset size for each institution listed is as of June 30, according to data from the National Credit Union Administration. All credit unions are referred to by their chartered name as listed by NCUA.

Notre Dame Federal Credit Union Photo 2020.jpg
Notre Dame Federal Credit Union
Notre Dame, Ind.
Assets: $843 million
Overall rank: 9
Asset category rank: 1
CEO: Thomas Gryp

• The credit union hosts a President’s Dinner once a year for employees who earn a rating of at least a four on a five-point scale for their annual performance review. They can bring a guest to the celebration for gifts, cocktails, dinner and socializing.
• The institution pays for each employee to complete a financial wellness course.
• Notre Dame FCU cover 100% of the costs for a 52-week online weight loss program.

Pictured: The credit union’s party-planning committee gets ready for the annual Halloween costume contest. Employees vote for their favorites and winners receive gift cards attached to pumpkins.
Deseret First CU Photo 2020.jpg
Deseret First Federal Credit Union
West Valley City, Utah
Assets: $793 million
Overall rank: 10
Asset category rank: 2
President and CEO: Shane London

• Employees and their family members have access to free counseling, including through video conferencing, to help during stressful times.
• Employees have access to free legal advice through Rocket Lawyer.
• The credit union offers formal coaching programs through the Deseret First Leadership Institute, an intensive professional development program for current managers and those aspiring to be a leader.

Pictured: Deseret First Federal Credit Union employees attend the general session during the annual “all staff training day.”
Heritage Federal CU Photo 2020.jpg
Heritage Federal Credit Union
Newburgh, Ind.
Assets: $747 million
Overall rank: 11
Asset category rank: 3
CEO: David Milligan

• The credit union offers dental and vision insurance to part-time employees.
• The “employee engagement” team helps organize and promote events for staff members and their families, such as the annual holiday party, fall outing, sporting events and a walking challenge.
• All employees receive a year-end bonus based upon measured results.

Pictured: The Heritage Federal Credit Union team gathers for a day of learning on Feb. 17.
One NEvada CU Photo 2020.jpg
One Nevada Credit Union
Las Vegas
Assets: $1.1 billion*
Overall rank: 22
Asset category rank: 4
President and CEO: Paul Parrish

• Top performing employees are honored during the annual TOPS event, which stands for “teamwork, opportunity, progress and service.”
• Last year the institution started offering onsite mindfulness classes, resources and workshops for employees.
• The credit union offers backup child or elder care if an employee’s regular caregiver is suddenly not available.

Pictured: Employees gather for One Nevada Credit Union’s annual TOPS awards celebration. This year’s theme was Broadway musicals.

*One Nevada was under $1 billion in assets when winners were selected. Because of that, it is included in the category for credit unions with between $500 million and $1 billion in assets.
Southland Credit Union Photo 2020.jpg
Southland Credit Union
Los Alamitos, Calif.
Assets: $931 million
Overall rank: 21
Asset category rank: 5
President and CEO: Thomas Lent

• The Associate and President’s Awards are given annually to two sales employees and two support personnel. The associates of the year each receive $3,000. The President’s Award honorees get $1,500 each.
• The activities committee, which includes one representative from each branch, hosts potlucks for the holidays and to occasionally celebrate reaching an important milestone, such as achieving a strategic goal.
• Employees nominate their coworkers for the Service Champions award for outstanding service. Winners are announced at quarterly staff meetings and receive a $50 gift card and a certificate.

Pictured: Members of the management team help with a holiday toy drive for Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.
Palmetto Citizens FCU Photo 2020.jpg
Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union
Columbia, S.C.
Assets: $1.1 billion*
Overall rank: 27
Asset category rank: 6
President and CEO: Nicholas Wodogaza

• Benefits for staff members include breast cancer awareness training and free flu shots.
• The employees’ activities committee organizes up to eight events every year, including some for families. The group also provides gifts to workers who go through a major life event, such as the birth of a child.
• The Palmetto Award is given biweekly from one employee to another to recognize commitment to the credit union’s values and service standards. Winners have their picture posted to the institution’s intranet.

Pictured: Chris Morris, an employee of Palmetto Citizens, helps during a service day at Carolina Wildlife Center.

*Palmetto Citizens was under $1 billion in assets when winners were selected. Because of that, it is included in the category for credit unions with between $500 million and $1 billion in assets.
Community Choice CU Photo 2020.jpg
Community Choice Credit Union
Johnston, Iowa
Assets: $631 million
Overall rank: 33
Asset category rank: 7
CEO: Josh Cook

• Because schools and daycares closed due to the pandemic, employees were given 40 hours of special paid time off to help them address any family obligations.
• The credit union provides free pizza from a local restaurant on the third Wednesday of every month.
• Employees receive 16 hours of paid time off so they can volunteer.

Pictured: Employees enjoy a rubber duck scavenger hunt during the credit union’s annual weeklong kickoff to summer, called “It’s Always Sunny with UNbanking.” Every duck has a bill tapped to the bottom, ranging from $1 to $100.
LAFCU  Photo 2020.jpg
Lansing, Mich.
Assets: $838 million
Overall rank: 39
Asset category rank: 8
CEO: Patrick Spyke

• Employees enjoy interest-free loans for the purchase of a personal computer.
• Salaried staff members can take up to four weeks of paid time off for parental leave.
• Employees can enjoy different game stations during the holidays with activities such as playing Jenga with gift boxes and creating a silly Christmas craft.

Pictured: Prior to COVID-19, employees gathered for LAFCU’s in-service day, which was planned and executed by two staff committees.
Oklahoma's Credit Union Photo 2020.jpg
Oklahoma's Credit Union
Oklahoma City
Assets: $615 million
Overall rank: 41
Asset category rank: 9
President and CEO: Mark Kelly

• The institution posts information about how to register to vote and provides notary services for employees who want to vote by mail.
• Employees enjoy the annual Easter egg hunt.
• The credit union sponsors sport teams for employees, including for soccer, softball and bowling.

Pictured: Employees hand out treats from its “treat trike” during a community event.
Vibrant Credit Union Photo 2020.jpg
Vibrant Credit Union
Moline, Ill.
Assets: $908 million
Overall rank: 45
Asset category rank: 10
President and CEO: Matthew McCombs

• Each location starts the day with Motivational Moment, a 15-minute energizing activity, such as playing musical chairs or completing a paper airplane contest.
• To celebrate the holiday season, the credit union gives staff members a Vibrant-themed gift, such as a YETI coffee mug.
•Employees can publicly or privately share notes that highlight coworkers doing an outstanding job of living Vibrant’s core values. The notes are added to the staffer’s human resources record.

Pictured: Employees participate in the Festival of Trees parade by wearing inflatable cow suits.