Area CUs Report New Paper CurrencyScam

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MEDFORD, Ore. - (07/25/05) -- For California residents werearrested at a local auto dealership last week after they tried topull a new paper money scam during visits to at least seven areacredit unions and banks. The four, charged with 88 counts ofcriminal possession of a forged instrument, were tracked down aftera call from a Rogue FCU official telling police they had tried toexchange torn $100 bills for new money. The suspects took pair of$100 bills, tore them apart, then used pieces of each one to makewhat appears to be three $100 bills, then tried to trade them infor $300 in new money, according to police. More than 80 alteredpieces of U.S. Currency was found in the suspect's car, policesaid.

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