If You're In, Then Be All The Way In

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LAS VEGAS-Bob Dorsa, president of the American Credit Union Mortgage Association, believes one thing credit unions do not need is any hand-out or carve-out.

"If they want to be in the business they need to be in the business," he said. "If someone wants to play professional basketball they have to be good enough to play against Kobe Bryant. Credit unions need to hire the right people to be able to compete. And then tell the people in their community what they are doing and why they are better. Tell people they care and they do things differently from banks."

According to Dorsa, there is another issue: Too many CUs don't market well.

"Loans are scarce, and with a mortgage comes checking accounts and other profitable relationships. The stakes are getting higher day in and day out. The next 24 months are going to be critical. Regulations are scaring off many credit unions and they are willing to let their members go to Wells Fargo or BofA."

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