NCUA's Johnson Seen As ElectionWinner

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. - (11/04/04) -- Showing how far presidentialcoattails can extend, NCUA Chairman JoAnn Johnson, a Republicanappointed to the NCUA Board by President Bush, was being seenWednesday as one of the biggest winners in the credit unionmovement from the President's reelection. "I think Johnson's handwas tremendously strengthened last night; she now knows she will bechairman for some time and she now knows she will be gettinganother Republican on the board," said former NCUA Chairman DennisDollar, who suggested Bush's election will speed the process ofappointing a third NCUA Board member. "Johnson was a big winner,but Matz was a huge loser," said former NCUA Board member GeoffBacino, of Deborah Matz, the Democrat on the NCUA Board. "If Kerrywins, she probably gets to be chairman for the rest of her term,and probably gets to extend her term. Now, she not only doesn't getto be chairman, but she loses her main sponsor in the Senate (Tom)Daschle."

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