Photograph Your Members To ThwartIdentity Theft

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BROCKTON, Mass. - (04/18/05) -- HarborOne CU is taking pictures ofall of its members in an effort to combat the growing threat ofidentity theft. The $1.1 billion credit union has deployed scannersin all 12 of its branches to make photo IDs of members which willbe made readily available to staff. The credit union now scansmember driver's licenses whenever new accounts are opened, and isencouraging all new and existing members to scan a photo ofthemselves to help prevent identity theft. The credit union, knownuntil last year as Brockton CU, is one of the first financialinstitutions in the nation to adopt the photo program. The scanningtechnology was provided by the credit union's data processor, COCC,of Avon, Ct..

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