'Teens Look To Parents For Financial Advice'

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The overwhelming majority of teenagers get most of their information on financial services from their parents, according to a new survey from Liberty Marketing Services.

Conducted in conjunction with Teenage Research Unlimited, more than 2,000 teenagers were surveyed during January and February 2003. Among the findings:

* 89% of teenagers surveyed rely most heavily on their parents for information on financial services.

* On average, teens do not credit media commonly associated with financial services marketing-such as television, the Internet, and marketing brochures from financial institutions-as go-to sources for useful information.

* Nearly 60% of respondents cited their school as a primary source of information on financial services. The three service areas receiving most of the attention in schools are financial aid for college, stocks and related investment tools, and taxes.

* Age 18 to 19 represents a critical crossroad where teenagers migrate from learning about financial services exclusively from their parents and school, to seeking additional information from outside resources.

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