A Lesson From Aesop's Fables About Disclosing CAMEL Ratings

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Regarding the disclosure of CAMEL ratings, Aesop recalls the fable of "The Mice and the Weasels" who waged a perpetual war with one another. The Weasels were always the victors. And the Mice thought that their constant defeats were caused by a lack of leadership. So, they chose "generals" from among themselves renowned for their size, strength and daring.

To distinguish them from the troops, these new generals crowned their heads with straw helmets, then marshaled the army anew, and went to battle. Immediately, the Mice were routed by the Weasels who identified the new Mice generals by their straw helmets and ate them. Horrified, the Mice scampered back to their holes, realizing that great honor brings great danger, especially when waging war with Weasels.

Even in this supposed New Age of Greater Transparency, there lurks that ancient veil of evil that clings to old ways of thinking, fearing that the mice may become men, and weasels the dinner special of the day.

I will gladly donate $20 to North Carolina's state examiners computer fund. And if I was a North Carolina credit union member, I would count myself lucky to no longer have my state examiners trained by NCUA. The more their regulation and examination veil has been peeled back these last few years, the less convincing their policy-making and problem-solving have become.

As Aesop would say: the tale of life tells itself and turns to fable when it becomes legend. Perhaps this fable is poised to become "The Tar Heels and The Tyrant."

Michael Dillon, South Division CU
Evergreen Park, Ill.

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