A protester holds a sign that reads "Climate Emergency" while blocking an intersection during the Shut Down DC climate demonstration in Washington Sept. 23, 2019.
On some banks joining a worldwide coalition to help prevent global warming by disclosing the carbon footprint from loans and investments:

"Just what we need; yet another hysterical voice of doom peddling the 'settled science' trope on climate, and urging banks to abandon legal and profitable industries in favor of businesses unproven but politically favored by the Left."

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Smokestacks for story on climate change and banks, pollution
Another reader reacts strongly against an industry push to help prevent global warming:

"Oh gosh, another virtue signaling business . . . No surprise that it is in the hip pocket of the environmental fanatics and other social justice warrior causes."

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Buildings under water after Hurricane Harvey in August, 2017.
A third reader responds to a call for banks to join a global climate change coalition:

"The earth is warming, we can't stop it, we can prepare to adjust to it, however, and that is where we should focus our efforts. It will bring some ill and some good, but human progress will continue."

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Illustration showing two women ascending stairs to look off in the distance through a telescope.
On American Banker's release of it annual Most Powerful Women in Finance:

"I am so disheartened to see that we still need specialized news articles about women in banking management. I guess it is still a rarity that we need to highlight! Someday it may become the norm, I hope."

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Payments RTP
On Republicans senators raising the alarm about potential complications with the Federal Reserve creating a real-time payment system:

"If you allow interoperability among real-time payment systems without adopting a high minimum level of security, the weakest node of the real-time payments ecosystem becomes the payment system with the weakest security."

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On whether the Treasury Department's housing reform plan would help banks keep some of the mortgage marketshare it has lost to nonbanks since the Dodd-Frank Act:

"Prudential regulators have said 'NO' in a loud voice to banks operating in that market except for prime loans held in portfolio."

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Citi CEO Michael Corbat
On Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat explaining why the bank took a risk this year in revealing its raw pay gap numbers and how he plans to fix it:

"Let's spend less time chastising them for how we got here (yep, it's bad) and more time supporting them in making these much needed changes. Time for others to step up and do the same."

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Marijuana growing facility
On the House passing a bill that would allow financial institutions to provide services to legal cannabis businesses:

"Two thumbs up to the House for finding a way to shed partisan hats and get something workable over the finish line. Time for the Senate to step up."

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