Margaret Keane, President and CEO of Synchrony Financial.
Plastic cards will be gone in five years: Synchrony CEO
Margaret Keane discussed Synchrony's investments in technology, including how the card issuer plans to use customer data to help retailers create targeted ads, during an appearance Tuesday in New York.

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Building are seen reflected on the exterior of a Bank of America branch in New York.
What's on the agenda for BofA's new digital banking chief?
The high-profile Michelle Moore will step down at year-end, to be replaced by David Tyrie. More synergy between digital operations and consumer products, while maintaining financial discipline, seems to be an important priority.

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Why Citi is investing in tech that controls how much cardholders spend
The bank saw value in Ondot Systems' ability to empower customer analytics in card controls.

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Jerome Powell
Fed unveils overhaul of large-bank supervision
In a highly anticipated proposal, the central bank outlined a new approach for its post-crisis supervisory program that divides banks into different tiers based on size.

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Why IBM's purchase of Red Hat matters to banks
The merger could help make open source and cloud computing more commonplace at banks. But it may have an unintended consequence as well.

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Wells Fargo sign
Fed should force Wells Fargo into being a simpler bank
The central bank should consider rescinding the bank's "financial holding company" status, which allows it to participate in nonbank activities, given its inability to respond to internal management problems.

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Jelena McWilliams
I know what it feels like to be unbanked
Despite improvements in the proportion of consumers without a bank account, there is still work to do to bring more Americans into the banking system, argues FDIC Chairman Jelena McWilliams.

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Acting CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney
CFPB makes it official: Changes to payday rule coming in new year
The agency wants to change underwriting requirements in the regulation that lenders say will put them out of business, and give companies a break on the compliance deadline.

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Why women keep leaving banking
A former bank executive recommends strategies to improve the retention of female bankers across the industry.

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Personal loans, student lending at Discover
The pitfalls Discover's new CEO sees in consumer lending
Personal loans are "tricky to underwrite" because consumer credit scores are high at the time of origination and then drift downward, says Roger Hochschild, who recently took over as the head of Discover Financial Services.

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