3VR has upped the capabilities of a system the company says speeds analysis of security video.

The San Francisco-based startup on Monday said its VisionPoint video management system can help banks and other companies review, search and manage video gathered from varied locations.

The system also gathers and stores video collected on numerous cameras over multiple days in a single file that users can send to law enforcement or mine for information without the need to fast-forward or rewind frames.

VisionPoint also enables companies to stream and view video remotely regardless of the capacity of their networks to transmit large data files, according to the company.

"Our customers are always looking to improve their response to an incident, so one of our goals has always been to provide users the ability to conduct investigations quicker and more efficiently," Joe Boissy, 3VR's chief marketing officer, said in a press release.

For networks that have low capacity, VisionPoint is said to record a high-resolution stream of video to computer memory while sending a low-resolution version of the stream for viewing live.

The software can adjust the resolution of the video automatically to compensate for changes in the capacity of networks throughout the day, according to the company.