Nautilus Hyosung America Inc. has developed an automated teller machine that also sells lottery tickets.

The Coppell, Texas, unit of the Korean ATM maker Nautilus Hyosung Inc. unveiled its Monimax 5000CE machine last week at the ATM Industry Association conference in Miami.

The Monimax 5000CE machine holds up to 6,000 bank notes and dispenses Quick Pick lottery tickets for the Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries.

Forty-two states sell Mega Millions and Powerball lottery tickets.

Daniel Cage, the chief executive of Linq 3, a New York company that created the lottery ticket-dispensing software used in the Monimax machines, said that officials in each state must approve the Monimax machines. "We are working with state lottery officials and operators, companies that run the games and print lottery tickets, to gain their approval," Cage said.

Chan Park, Nautilus Hyosung America's president and CEO, said selling lottery tickets is another value-added ATM service to add to check-cashing, bill pay and cash withdrawals. "We hope to have the ATMs in operation in the second quarter," he said.

Other ATM companies are intrigued by the idea.

"The machine can rejuvenate the ATM ISO market," said Mark Smith, a business manager for Triton Systems of Delaware Inc., an ATM maker that targets independent sales organizations. "We need a new product. It's do or die for some of us. We must provide products offering more than cash withdrawals."