Attunity (ATTU) has introduced a platform that enables users of Amazon's (AMZN) Simple Storage Service to move data around the cloud conveniently.

The Burlington, Mass.-based software company said Tuesday it has introduced Attunity CloudBeam, which is designed to move data to, from and between cloud computing servers quickly, reliably and affordably.

CloudBeam is said to enable companies to upload data to Amazon's service directly from a desktop computer while providing the ability to control security. CloudBeam also enables companies to duplicate data between Amazon cloud computing regions without having to install or manage software.

"Attunity CloudBeam is designed to support many important initiatives including BI/analytics, content availability, disaster recovery, backup and archive," Matt Benati, Attunity's vice president of global marketing, said in a news release. "Simply put, Attunity moves the data that moves today's business."

According to Attunity, CloudBeam would allow a company to distribute video via Amazon's cloud computing service multiple times a day worldwide at a volume of roughly 20 trillion bytes a month.

Attunity added that CloudBeam enables companies to schedule uploads to the cloud and automate backup, transfers and disaster recovery, although those capabilities remain in beta.