Banco del Pacifico has announced plans to deploy two types of automated teller machines to help serve the underbanked in Ecuador. It will install videoconferencing kiosks that let customers interact with remote tellers in some bank branches. It will deploy more than 200 ATMs that are capable of recycling cash across the country.

The video kiosks will help the bank expand the services it offers in underbanked regions Banco del Pacifico says. The ATMs embedded with cash recycling technology will help it reduce the frequency and cost of cash-replenishment visits.

"Introducing cash recycling at the ATM reduces our cash management demands, allowing us to expand to remote, underbanked communities we were previously unable to serve," said Efrain Vieira, chief executive of Banco del Pacifico, in a press release.

Diebold, the North Canton, Ohio-based ATM maker, will deploy more than 200 machines across the country on the bank's behalf, according to the release. Banco del Pacifico installed the first ATM in South America 35 years ago.

The ATM manufacturer will also place RemoteTeller System stations at certain Banco del Pacifico branches. This product uses pneumatics and two-way closed-circuit television to allow remote tellers to service multiple customers from a secure location inside a branch.