A maker of software that safeguards banks against cyber criminals has added a customer in the Old Line State.

Trusteer, based in Boston, said Wednesday that BankAnnapolis, based in Annapolis, Md., has installed Trusteer's Rapport for Online Banking system to safeguard client accounts from digital assaults.

According to the companies, the Trusteer system will enable the $437 million-asset bank to protect consumer and commercial accounts from attackers who target computers, smartphones and other devices account holders use to bank electronically with the goal of stealing passwords, retrieving log-in credentials or redirecting machines to unauthorized websites.

The system can disable attempts to retrieve information customers use to authenticate their accounts and alert the bank to activity that may be unauthorized, the companies said.

"Regardless of the security on the customer device, Trusteer can help in the prevention of account takeover fraud," Patsy Houck, senior vice president for operations and branch administration at BankAnnapolis, said in a news release. "Trusteer also gives us visibility into infected machines."

"Trusteer Rapport for Online Banking not only protects banking sessions when a machine is infected, but also disinfects the device and alerts the bank," Yishay Yovel, vice president of marketing for Trusteer, added in a news release. "This feedback mechanism enables institutions like BankAnnapolis to take additional steps to block attacks that are targeting their brand and customers."