The Dan Beard Council of the Boy Scouts of America has begun using a mobile card reader from VeriFone (PAY) in its Annual Popcorn Sale, proving that there are more ways to pay for popcorn than just with cash.

The scouts will be taking payments with Sail, VeriFone's product that competes with the popular Square mobile card reader. The council, which is based in Cincinnati, is the administrative body for scouts in troops located in southern Ohio and northern Kentucky.

“Sail makes it easier for those who support local troops to participate in an effort that builds leadership, confidence, is fun and allows a scout to learn the value of earning his own way,” says Brandon Smith, the council’s senior development director, in a press release.

Troop leaders who have signed up to participate in the program will each receive multiple mobile card readers and must register for a merchant account. Once that process is complete, parents of Boy Scouts will be able to accept transactions on their Apple and Android mobile devices. Parents will also be able to handle voided sales and refunds.

The Boy Scouts, in accepting mobile payments, are following in the footsteps of the Girl Scouts. Various regional Girl Scout troops have used mobile card readers provided by Intuit Inc., Mophie Inc. and Sage Group PLC.