CardHub has launched a social networking site for personal finance.

WalletHub, introduced Monday, allows users to review financial services companies, compare fees and get personalized financial news. They can also interact and network based on shared interests, and seek financial advice from other users as well as from professionals and companies that have profiles.

WalletHub lets users see updated rates and fee schedules for various financial products, and provides forums where users can ask questions and get feedback from the WalletHub community. As users answer more questions and write about their own experiences with different products and companies, they build up points, thereby gaining credibility in the community.

"The Great Recession was a stark wake-up call to the need for greater transparency in the personal finance industry as well as the development of tools and information that can help make the complicated task of responsible money management easier for everyone," Odysseas Papadimitriou, founder and chief executive of both WalletHub and CardHub, said in a news release. "WalletHub offers all of that, thereby filling a major void and improving our prospects for a brighter financial future."