Centier Bank in Whiting, Ind., has begun using a card-issuance system from EFT Source, a provider of turnkey card programs.

The $2.3 billion-asset bank has launched EFT Source's Card@Once, which lets the bank issue fully functioning cards on-site and much more rapidly than through traditional issuance systems, EFT Source said Thursday. The bank has begun using the system in 43 of its 45 branches.

In the release, Centier Bank said the system helped reduce per-card costs and save on shipping expenses. Most customers begin using the card within eight hours of leaving the branch, the release said.

"At Centier Bank, we strongly believe that no matter how large a business has grown, it is still possible to provide warm, personalized service," said Jeremy Miller, regional vice president at Centier Bank. "By printing personalized cards onsite within minutes, our customers can now immediately use their bank-issued card as soon as they leave the branch."

In the past several months, Centier has begun using a new card-management mobile banking feature from Computer Services Inc. and a wealth management platform from SEI.