How much would you pay for a domain name that offers entrée into the check cashing business?

The owner of is auctioning off that URL. The seller is touting the domain name as a way to get into not only check cashing, but also payday lending, cash advances, auto title lending and prepaid cards.

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"As the market for financially underserved consumers and mobile usage continues to grow, the need for innovative financial services rises, can be the obvious go-to brand to meet this growing market head on," Michael Frederick, the domain's owner, said in a news release that announced the auction.

Today, allows visitors to search for check cashing and payday loan stores near where they live. It also appears to act as a lead-generation site for online lenders.

The auction runs through Oct. 3. It's unclear how much money might fetch; a spokeswoman for SnapNames, the firm that's running the auction, would not disclose information about any bids received so far.

Frederick did not immediately respond to an interview request.

Six years ago, the (admittedly less pithy) domain name was sold for $13,000, according to sales information found online.

The 2007 sale of is reportedly the most expensive ever, at $35 million.