GlobalOne Group LLC announced Tuesday it has released the first of three products that address gaps in the way banks and other financial institutions handle customer relationship management.

The product, called G1 Asset Management, can be used by asset management companies to bolster their CRM capabilities. Other products that GlobalOne will release in 2012 include G1 Retail Banking and G1 Wealth Management. The products address vertical market issues.

The products, which complement and integrate with, are managed in a software-as-a-service environment. The products also use social collaboration tools that help asset managers, financial advisors, and other customer-facing employees get more timely and targeted information. For example, asset managers would get information only on funds they have sold, and to which advisors, GlobalOne says.

The products can also be used in a mobile environment, which is useful for any company that has a distributed workforce or salespeople out in the field.

“We are giving [financial institutions] a solid single system to work from,” says Geoff Merrick, chief technology officer for GlobalOne, of New York.

GlobalOne has signed up three asset management companies for the product, but it would not name them.