The credit bureau Equifax has joined with a mobile security firm to improve the two companies' fraud protection systems.

Equifax has begun working with Iovation to combine the two companies' anti-fraud systems, they announced Tuesday. Equifax's Identity Proofing and Progressive Authentication systems will be combined with Iovation's Reputation Manager 360 to prevent account takeover and fraud.

By combining the two systems, the companies are bringing together Equifax's data-based anti-fraud technology with Iovation's device-reputational analysis. Reputation Manager 360 analyzes the history of individual devices to assess the likelihood of their being used for fraud or data breeches.

"We have deep expertise in helping our customers predict the likelihood they are dealing with the actual intended person and not an imposter mimicking the known user," said Gasan Awad, vice president of Equifax's fraud-prevention division, in the news release. "We are pleased to be working with Iovation to provide our customers with another means of identifying fraud through a frictionless user experience."