FICO has added Solution Stack, cloud and on-premises software, to its Decision Management Platform.

FICO's Solution Stack was structured using elements from 30 FICO patents, the company explained in a press release. It enables users to create analytic applications that best support their business needs, the company says.

"Cloud-based platforms hold the potential to make analytics accessible to a wider set of users by reducing many of the bottlenecks associated with acquiring, deploying and maintaining complex software," said Brian McDonough, research manager for business analytics solutions at IDC. "As cloud-based analytics adoption continues to grow, more organizations will be able to improve their analytics capabilities and guide their business processes towards optimal outcomes."

The Solution Stack software lets users collect, model and report on data. Its visualization tools can be used to identify and illustrate trends and manage results onsite or in the cloud. A Decision Studio tool can be used to build and customize analytic and decision components and services. An Application Studio can be used to develop, orchestrate, and publish analytics-based applications.

"The FICO Solution Stack is a critical part of our strategy to help businesses simplify the development, the deployment and the management of Big Data analytics powered applications and solutions," said Stuart Wells, chief technology officer and executive vice president of product development at FICO. "We are in the midst of an analytic revolution that is changing the world."

FICO is a provider of predictive analytics and decision management software. It recently introduced a new version of its customer management software, Triad Customer Manager, and added Hadoop to support cloud-based analytics. The company is also testing anti-fraud technology in the U.K.