The latest version of customer management software from FICO aims to offer clients faster, more advanced customer analytics.

Triad Customer Manager forecasts customer behavior and attempts to turn those insights into strategies for generating and automating profitable decisions. The new version is designed to help clients deploy advanced analytics faster, from weeks to hours.

Triad 9 includes a new web-based user interface. It also includes tighter integration with FICO Model Builder, an analytics tool, and direct access to FICO Blaze Advisor, a business rules management system. Clients will be able to discover and deploy predictive analytics models in Model Builder, using data stored in the TRIAD Analytic Datamart, and deploy them immediately through a new closed-loop process, greatly enhancing time-to-value of model development by up to 75 percent, and without the need to involve IT.

"Clients now have access to a highly powerful and flexible solution that can be configured to meet the needs for enterprise-wide, multi-line or portfolio-level management, enabling them to surpass the remarkable results they've already achieved with the solution," FICO vice president of product management David Lightfoot said in the release. "This is the most significant upgrade of the TRIAD platform in a decade."

More than half of the world's top 100 banks use TRIAD Customer Manager, according to the release.

FICO is an analytics software company based in San Jose, Calif.