The FinTech Forward program includes three sets of vendor rankings. The FinTech Forward 100 are the largest fintech specialist vendors by revenue. These are providers who generate at least a third of their total revenue by selling technology (or technology related services) to financial institutions. We develop the ranking based on self-reported and estimated calendar year 2013 revenue.

In addition to these vendors, there is a second group that also provides vital technology solutions to financial institutions. These are the Enterprise 25. This group of vendors sells across many industries and comprises some of the biggest global technology providers. Like the FinTech Forward 100, the Enterprise 25 are also ranked based on calendar year 2013 revenues.

Our third list is the Companies to Watch, and for this we used more subjective analysis. These are the innovative companies that are not yet household names, but are providing solutions worthy of attention. These companies are chosen for the ingenuity of their ideas, their early success selling to financial institutions and the appropriateness of their solutions to solve today’s problems.