Fiserv (FISV) has made an accounting application available in its online risk-management portal.

The Prologue Investment Portfolio Accounting application can now be accessed as a hosted application through the Intelligent Workplace web portal, the Brookfield, Wis., financial technology company announced Thursday. Intelligent Workplace, launched earlier this year, is an online portal through which Fiserv clients can use risk management and accounting tools.

Prologue lets banks and credit unions automate recordkeeping, securities purchases, calls and sales, and is designed to make cash-flow management and compliance easier, Fiserv said. It also can be used to track debt instruments, equities and other assets.

"We've created Prologue Investment Portfolio Accounting to help streamline efforts around portfolio accounting and maintenance, and are now delivering that solution via Intelligent Workplace to bring Prologue's data and reporting into a centralized, real-time environment," said Danny Baker, Fiserv's vice president of product management for risk and compliance, in the news release.