Fulcrum Biometrics has reached an agreement to sell low-cost iris-recognition scanners that can be used in banking and mobile security systems.

The San Antonio-based Fulcrum has signed a reseller agreement with IrisTech to sell its IriShield product, a low-cost iris scanner, Fulcrum said Thursday. The IriShield comes both a stand-alone scanner and an embedded module that can be used in mobile devices. The module runs on Android, Linux and Windows operating systems.

The scanners start at $190, which Fulcrum hopes will make them a viable option for smaller banks hoping to increase security. Fulcrum also provides biometric consulting on security and other issues.

"To many, iris recognition seems like a futuristic technology that is only available to the largest corporations and governments, but that is no longer the case," said Fulcrum President Ken Nosker in the news release.