Identropy, a maker of identity management software, has introduced a way to help companies keep tabs on their subscription-based applications.

The New York-based company said Wednesday that its SaaS Advisory service enables customers to manage varied cloud-based applications companywide.

The service draws on a combination of software and interviews by Identropy consultants to help companies take inventory of subscription-based applications in use across their organizations, according to Identropy.

Identropy then reviews the portfolio to identify opportunities to save money or strengthen oversight, and recommends steps for integrating subscription-based software more fully into the customer's information technology framework.

"The rapid adoption of SaaS apps has given rise to the 'shadow IT' problem — when individuals or business units provision cloud applications without regard to corporate IT procurement and governance processes," Aldo Pietropaolo, Identropy's director of professional services. "Because IT organizations can't control their cloud providers' IT risk posture, it's essential that all cloud-based applications in use in the organization are integrated into existing [IT] governance processes."

Identropy offers the service for a fixed price of $15,000.