Intuit Inc.'s now allows its users to compare their own spending against other people's spending.

The company's new Mint Data feature aggregates and anonymizes the data of the personal financial management website's more than 4 million users to let users see, for example, whether they are paying more for car repairs than their peers are.

The addition resembles a feature that a rival PFM provider, Wesabe Inc., once boasted. Wesabe, which shut down this year, had a community discussion section that it said allowed its users to share advice and expenses one on one. In its use of aggregated data, Mint more closely resembles Bundle Corp., which uses aggregated data from Citigroup Inc. to allow its users to observe the spending of people in their age and income range.

Aaron Patzer, the vice president and general manager of Intuit's personal finance group, said in a press release that "we have enough users in enough cities across America to give a distinct, anonymous look at the country's economy down to the city level."