Mortgage software manufacturer MortgageFlex has announced a partnership with  Global DMS, a provider of valuation software.

The two companies will integrate their platforms, they said on Monday. Global DMS' eTrac Enterprise platform will merge with LoanQuest, MortgageFlex's loan origination system, to allow customers to more easily order and manage appraisals and track files, the companies said.

The integration will permit files to be automatically transferred and processed, reducing the possibility of regulatory missteps due to duplicate or missing information, said the Lansdaler, Penn.-based Global DMS in the news release.

"These tightly integrated solutions eliminate duplicated data entry from initial ordering through review thus reducing errors, cutting costs and dramatically speeding up the appraisal process while remaining in full compliance with state and federal regulations," said Global DMS President and Chief Executive Vladimir Bien-Aime in the press release.