Headquarters: Reston, Va.

Technology: Predictive analytics for IT

Why it's one to watch: The firm is developing a predictive IT analytics platform for end-to-end application performance management in the cloud and takes steps to prevent IT outages.

When it comes to making consumers angry enough to vote with their feet, banks have just as much to worry about with regard to systems failures as they do with new fees. And as banks embrace virtualization and cloud computing, the job of systems monitoring becomes even more difficult.

That's where Netuitive comes in. The firm, which helps banks stave off outages and systems failures through systems monitoring, is upping its capabilities to monitor technology delivered in the cloud.

"Data centers are becoming increasingly virtualized, and banks are increasingly using cloud services," says Nicola Sanna, Netuitive's CEO. For Sanna, the task that banks face when ensuring the reliability of systems delivered by the cloud and virtualized technology can't be underestimated. "We were recently talking to a [tech exec] from one of the big banks, and he said managing virtualized data centers is ten times harder."

Netuitive, which counts eight of the world's largest ten banks among its clients, provides the analytics layer that sits on top of the bank's traditional application and infrastructure monitoring tools, providing a holistic view of performance across myriad silos. The goal is to stave off operational risks and reduce failed customer interactions.

Netuitive offers self-learning, predictive IT analytics to aid firms in analyzing and correlating data and metrics across different silos such as servers, network and storage. This analysis takes into account application infrastructure, customer experience, and business activity data. In 2011, the firm announced Netuitive 5.5, a performance management platform for applications running in a physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. "Virtual data centers deliver big promise in terms of allocating resources," Sanna said. "But on the flip side, as you allocate resources dynamically and on the fly, it makes monitoring more complex."

Morgan Stanley recently chose Netuitive from among more than 40 IT providers for its annual IT innovation award for the firm's role in the bank's private cloud initiative.

In 2012, the firm is plotting to unveil a new predictive analytics tool for end-to-end virtualization and application performance management in the cloud. Underpinning this new platform will be a new, open development environment that lets clients plug in data streams from any monitoring source. "One of the things about cloud computing and virtualization is you go from an environment in which everything is static, where it's simpler, to a dynamic environment where tings go from one server to another. Then there are a lot more things going on that affect the performance of an application,," says Bernard Golden, CEO of HyperStratus, a cloud computing consultant.