No.1: First Horizon National Corp.

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Category: Over $10B in Assets
Memphis, Tenn.  
Assets at June 30: $24.9 billion*
No. of Employees: 3,800
Chairman, President and CEO: Bryan Jordan

"The Office" is in reruns, but "The Cubicle," a video series produced by employees of First Horizon, is going strong.

The series mimics the documentary-style sitcom, and relies on humor to reinforce the bank's workplace culture. Episodes often demonstrate what's expected of employees-and what's not. An episode stressing the importance of being present, for example, starred a distracted manager staring at the ceiling and fiddling with his phone.

With roots dating back to 1864, First Horizon is a family of financial services companies, including First Tennessee Bank and First Horizon Home Loans.

Elevators play an important role in the company's communication. The "Elevator Update" is a newsletter filled with company news, health tips, benefits information, the daily stock quote and a thought of the day. The newsletter is posted in elevators, of course, but it can also be found in break rooms—a nod, perhaps, to employees who take the stairs. They are incentivized to do so through the Virgin HealthMiles rewards program, which allows employees at First Horizon to earn up to $600 a year, depending on their level of physical activity. Activity is measured, in part, by pedometers.

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