Tempo Payments Inc. last week announced the launch of the Doctors Without Borders affinity decoupled debit card.

Tempo will share a portion of the revenue it earns from each purchase initiated with the MasterCard-branded card with the humanitarian organization, which provides urgent medical care in about 70 countries.

Tempo will give the organization 0.5% of each signature debit sale and 0.1% of every PIN debit purchase amount, said Pete Bartolik, a spokesman for the San Mateo, Calif., affinity card provider.

First Bank and Trust of Brookings, S.D., issues the cards, which are linked to cardholders' checking accounts. First Bank withdraws funds via the automated clearing house network.

Tempo provides similar cards to other nonprofit organizations, including the Arthritis Foundation, the Breast Cancer Fund, Greenpeace, and In Defense of Animals.