SaveUp announced Wednesday evening the personal finance startup's first native app for iPhone.

"The SaveUp experience is about helping people organize their financial lives in fun and engaging ways," says Priya Haji, cofounder and chief executive. "We felt this is something that should be in people's pockets."

Using aggregation technology from Intuit, the SaveUp app lets users pull in their financial accounts to track their progress and rewards them for activities like paying down debt or increasing savings. Previously, users accessed the services from the San Francisco startup as a web app.

To incentivize better financial habits, SaveUp rewards people with credits. Credits can earn users prizes like vacations, electronics and scholarships. The rewards, which are funded through sponsorships, advertising and financial referrals, are meant to incent people to make smarter financial choices and think beyond whether they will overdraw tomorrow to the longer -term. For instance, the app encourages users to monitor their weekly spending.

Banks and credit unions have been able to offer customers and members a co-branded SaveUp web app experience. However, at launch, the native app isn't yet available for banks to co-brand.