PNC Financial Services (PNC) has completed an initiative to upgrade 3,600 ATMs across all of its regions.

The "smart" ATMs can accept check and cash deposits, a feature the Pittsburgh company calls DepositEasy, and account for roughly half of PNC's 7,200 ATMs nationwide, the company announced in a press release Wednesday. PNC began rolling out the new features in 2012 with the goal of providing almost every branch with at least one DepositEasy ATM, PNC spokesman Patrick McMahon said in an interview.

The enhanced ATMs allow customers to deposit cash and checks without envelopes, print receipts with photographs of the checks they deposit, make same-day deposits before 9 pm EST, and request $1 bills along with $10s and $20s. They also let customers set customized ATM preferences, such as their typical withdrawal amount and the type of ATM receipt they like to receive option, through their online banking account.

"Customers want the option to bank when and where they want, and these machines will help them do that," McMahon said.

Before the ATM upgrades were completed, deposits made through ATMs and mobile apps increased to 23% of PNC's total deposits in the second quarter, compared to 14 percent last year.

PNC, which has $290 billion in assets, agreed to pay $90 million to settle a class-action lawsuit related to its ATM overdraft practices in 2012. The company was accused of overcharging customers on overdraft fees by re-ordering debit card and ATM transactions. The upgrades are unrelated to the settlement, McMahon said.