The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA), an independent IT consortium, and TM Forum, a global, non-profit industry association, announced Thursday they have collaborated to publish a suite of documents outlining requirements for Compute Infrastructure as a Service (ClaaS).

The collective effort includes a joint statement on ClaaS that offers readers a summary of cloud services requirements, ODCA's specific technology and service requirements for ClaaS services, and documents from TM Forum's Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council that detail requirements for enterprise-grade ClaaS environments.

The documents are available free to the public from both the Open Data Center Alliance's and TM Forum's ECLC websites. The organizations expect the documents to be used by service providers and cloud vendors worldwide to target ClaaS solutions to enterprise customers.

"Both service providers and cloud infrastructure vendors are looking to the cloud to help them meet demand for digital-based services," said Dr. Robert B. Cohen, Director of the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, TM Forum, in a statement. "The requirements for cloud services included in this joint work reflect both of our organizations' vision for a robust, open and vibrant cloud marketplace."