The analytics provider CoreLogic Inc. has two new products it says will help online lenders more accurately assess the risk associated with nontraditional credit applicants.

LeadOptix is a system for assessing risk in verifying an applicant's identity by comparing names, addresses and other details against how they were reported in previous business relationships.

The other product, LendOptix, evaluates payment risk for applicants for nontraditional credit products. Though its focus is on nontraditional lending, LendOptix also uses traditional credit data to evaluate an applicant's risk. The systems are sold by Teletrack Inc., a CoreLogic subsidiary.

"In an environment where the cost of acquiring a customer is compounded by the expense of processing low-quality or fraudulent applicants, online lenders are searching for tools that expedite lead assessment so they can evaluate the quality of the data before they engage an applicant or evaluate credit," Dale Williams, the president of Teletrack, said in a press release Friday.

"Both of these models enable nontraditional lenders to control the performance of their lending portfolios by assessing the degree of applicant identity, quality and credit risk," Williams said.